The idea:

An outstanding, first-class, 18-hole golf tournament, which will bring together all passionate golfers of the Greek Maritime industry.

Who's who
The why, who, and how

80 leading executives of the maritime community, who share the same passion for golf, will enjoy an exciting tournament, while discussing the challenges of the maritime industry. Teams will consist of 4 players with a maximum participation of 20 teams, by invitation.

Format: Texas Scramble

Texas Scramble is a competition format that rewards both team and individual play using the popular Stableford format as a basis for scoring. With Texas Scramble each team member tees off at each hole. The players select the best tee shot, then each member places his/her ball within 1 club length from this point and plays out the hole with his/her own ball. We will have printed the 14 clubs on a piece of paper and the lowest handicap will draw one of the papers.This will be the club that every player of the team will have to tee of with.

Format: 4 ball better ball

Each player plays a normal game of stableford and the 2 best scores out of 4 count on every hole.

Our Event Starts In

29 September 30, 2018 in Costa Navarino

29 – 30 September 2018, in Costa Navarino